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Re: Dead CC2 station ? Kategorie: CC2-Unit & Appl.Board / CC2-Station (von Detlef - 2.11.2016 8:14)
Als Antwort auf Dead CC2 station ? von Philippe - 27.10.2016 16:24

> Hi folks,
> Firstly I would say that unfortunately I do not understand German,
> and I am completely new to the CC world, so I'm looking for some advice on this case:
> I have a customer with an old CC II station. They ask me to try to duplicate from an old project
> to this spare unit; it is bare from purchase from Conrad France and has never been programmed,
> it was bought for spare.
> Now at power-up, there's nothing on the LCD (just some different contrast between the two lines),
> and most of the LEDs are permanently lit.
> Nothing happens when trying buttons.
> No answer when trying to connect with the software.
> I guess the unit is dead, but it seems strange to me as it was never used.
> Some advice please ?
> Best regards,
> Philippe.

Hello Philippe,

it seems, that the Control Station is dead. Normaly the station should react, you hear the relais
and see all LED lighting during boot up.

Do you try with 12V power? Or do you use the 220 AC voltage connect?

If you need a new running spare part, i have some of them on stock, because of my own C-Control

With best regards,

Detlef Jürrens

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