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Re: Dead CC2 station ? Kategorie: CC2-Unit & Appl.Board / CC2-Station (von Philippe - 7.11.2016 14:20)
Als Antwort auf Re: Dead CC2 station ? von Detlef - 2.11.2016 8:14
Ich nutze:
C-Control II Station, original OS
> Hello Philippe,
> it seems, that the Control Station is dead. Normaly the station should react, you hear the relais
> and see all LED lighting during boot up.
> Do you try with 12V power? Or do you use the 220 AC voltage connect?
> If you need a new running spare part, i have some of them on stock, because of my own C-Control
> instalation...
> With best regards,
> Detlef Jürrens

Hi again,

I made some controls; the 12V and 5V are OK.
One correction: all LEDs are lit immediately at power on and stay like this.
No relay sound at power on.

Q: Is there some manuals in English?
Q: Is this unit is serviceable somewhere?
   Conrad France says only that "the manufacturer does not give any information on this product".
Q: The firmware is in flash? Is there some possibility to lose the firmware
   (as the unit has been unpowered for years)?
Q: As I have only the application "binary" as a .vmc file,
   what would somebody suggests as a possible replacement?

Best regards,

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Re: Dead CC2 station ? (von Detlef - 8.11.2016 15:48)