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Re: Dead CC2 station ? Kategorie: CC2-Unit & Appl.Board / CC2-Station (von Philippe - 8.11.2016 21:30)
Als Antwort auf Re: Dead CC2 station ? von Detlef - 8.11.2016 15:43
Ich nutze:
C-Control II Station, original OS

> "OSOPT_V3.1b1_64kConst.zip" is the current firmware with reliable functionality.
> "C-Control II IDE SP2.15"  you need for development on your PC.
> "CC2NetDLTool_setup.zip" is the current downloadtool, which you need to send the current firmware to
> the C-Control Station2 .
> Normally it should work easy. Descriptions are available on this sites. But of course in german.
> Best regards,
> Detlef
Thanks for your help!

There is some news:
First the download sw may be switched in English!
Next, after reset+host, the station seems to respond to the "Read info" function;
the PC SW displays: "C-Control II, 2000/12/21, CC2  V.1, original OS".
(but all the LEDs stay lit and the LCD is still empty)

Then, when I try the "Load OS" I selected the file "osopt_v3-1b1_64kConst.hex",
the PC SW displays: "boot.hex was not found!" at the window bottom.
What's that?

Best regards,

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Re: Dead CC2 station ? (von Philippe - 8.11.2016 22:10)