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Re: Dead CC2 station ? Kategorie: CC2-Unit & Appl.Board / CC2-Station (von Philippe - 8.11.2016 22:10)
Als Antwort auf Re: Dead CC2 station ? von Philippe - 8.11.2016 21:30
Ich nutze:
C-Control II Station, original OS

> Then, when I try the "Load OS" I selected the file "osopt_v3-1b1_64kConst.hex",
> the PC SW displays: "boot.hex was not found!" at the window bottom.
> What's that?

I found the file after installing the IDE...
I've been able to download the boot, the firmware and the application, everything works!

I still don't understand why the firmware has vanished?
Are some stations was sold without any OS at all?

Thanks a lot for your help; I think I would not have done the job alone!

Now I may play a bit with the IDE to look at this piece of HW...
Seems interesting, even for non-germans ;-) I don't understand why they
do not try to make English versions, at least they may translate the docs...

Have nice dreams,

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